We're very proud of the work we do here at Glasallt Fawr, below are some comments from our residents' families.

Mathew leads a fulfilling and happy life; having searched all over the country for a
suitable residential placement, we feel so lucky to have discovered Glasallt Fawr
for him. Mathew has made good friends and enjoys ample opportunity to socialise
and participate in a wide variety of activities. He has structured days, involving
work experience in the community plus home based workshops. One day in the
week he travels off site to work in a garden and a stables. These placements have
allowed Mathew to grow in confidence and self esteem. His workshops at Glasallt
include farm work, weaving and drama. Mathew is expected to play his part in
preparing meals in his house and cleaning communal facilities. We have high
praise for the staff who are kind, professional and willing to facilitate and support
Mathew’s extra interests, such as attending a local gym with his personal trainer.
We value the fact that there is an active Parents’ Association which allows us to
contribute ideas for the future development of Glasallt as well as raising funds to
enhance the lives of the residents.

                                                                                                      Mr & Mrs Burden


My daughter made the transition from Coleg Elidyr to Glasallt when she was 21. The move was managed seamlessly and during the past years she has blossomed into a lovely young lady. Her complex needs are such that she will always be dependent, however in the beautiful and safe environment she has as much independence as could be possible anywhere. At Glasallt she is encouraged to express herself and her time is full. Following the recent death of her dad, both she and I have been supported. My hope is that this wonderful place can be her forever home.

                                                                                                       Mrs Harries


Our son Sam had six very happy years at the Coleg Elydir Camphill Centre. We were not sure where he could go next. Happily Glasallt Fawr has exceeded all our hopes. Sam has really flourished during his time at Glasallt.

Sam has lots of energy and likes to be kept busy. Glasallt’s many workshops, particularly those outdoors, such as farming and gardening, and the regular activities including swimming, pub visits, Sunday church, theatre trips and railway journeys really keep him happy and enthused.

The staff at Glasallt work hard to understand the residents as individuals, and it has been wonderful to see Sam developing friendships with both staff and with his housemates. Sam did once have a short period where he experienced a personality clash with another resident but the staff were soon able to sort this out and Sam was moved to a more suitable house.

The engaged awareness and flexibility of the staff and management give us, as parents, peace of mind. We really appreciate the huge strides in personal development that Sam has made at the heart of this unique community.

Thank you Glasallt Fawr.

Eluned and Ioan Meredith Edwards & family.

My daughter has grown in so many positive ways, she has become a confident and caring person. Knowing she is a valued member of a loving community where she can express herself without feeling the odd one out, as she has felt most of her life at home, trying so hard to fit into a life that does not understand her.

Mrs Curtis