Who We Are & What We Do

Glasallt Fawr is a 90 acre estate offering 24 hour Residential Care 52 weeks of the year to young adults with learning disabilities between the ages of 18 - 65. The estate consists of three homes and a working farm. The resident’s day at Glasallt will consist of attending workshops and helping to run the farm, this could consist of feeding animals, mucking out, checking the land, doing repairs and assisting the farmer during the lambing season.

Glasallt Fawr now employs an Art Therapist who attends the site three days a week, increasing the number and variety of workshops in which our residents can participate. Weavery workshops continue where items such as rugs, bags and scarves are made, either for personal use of for sale at local craft fayres. The houses operate as small homely units whereby residents are involved in all aspects of daily life from choosing the colour of their bedroom walls, assisting with the shopping, cooking for the household and cleaning of their own personal space.

Our residents have an active social life where they attend local church on a Sunday, visit the cinema, local pubs, the theatre, swimming, horse riding and go shopping in the local towns. We celebrate Christian festivals throughout the year; St Martins Day, Easter and Advent are just some.

Although residents are encouraged to take part in workshops and leisure activities they also have free time to relax and perhaps just listen to music in their own room. Our aim is to provide a good quality of life for all residents but remembering they are all individuals who have individual needs and likes and dislikes.

We continue to maintain a very high standard of care delivered to our residents' and this is through support workers and young volunteers. Each residential home is run by a Manager who is registered with Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW). Resident’s health and medical issues are overseen by a local GP surgery. Glasallt Fawr also receives invaluable support from the Community Team Learning Disability (CTLD) which consists of psychiatrist, psychologist, speech & language and behavioural support teams.

We are regulated by CSSIW and adhere to regulations (National Minimum Care Standards). The areas covered are: general, registered persons, conduct of the home, premises and management. We are visited by an Inspector from CSSIW twice a year and one of these visits will be unannounced. This assists us in ensuring that we maintain our high standard of care. We also adhere to other legal requirements in the field of fire protection, health & safety and food hygiene/standards. YPu can see our latest annual report by clicking here.

Families and Friends play an important part at Glasallt. We have parents' weekends three times a year; this is a chance for all to get together and to catch up on recent events and also to plan for the future and the development of Glasallt. Parents of Glasallt Fawr residents have established a Parents' Association with the aim of raising funds to support Glasallt Fawr.



It is our mission to promote good health, provide care and advance the development of adults with a disability, recognising the uniqueness of the individual. We also seek to respect, value and enhance the strengths and potential of each individual, following the concepts of Rudolf Steiner.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • meeting our residents' care needs through individual care plans,
  • ensuring that the resident is at the centre of everything that we do,
  • complying with legislative and regulatory frameworks,
  • having competent, trained staff
  • working in partnership with like-minded organisations.


Our values include treating everyone with dignity, respect and as a whole person through Christian ideals. Also to work in harmony with our community and to be in tune with our special environment.

Our son Mathew has Down’s syndrome. He moved to Glasallt Fawr in September 2010 having previously spent 3 years at a Mencap residential college. Glasallt Fawr provides a safe, caring environment and Mathew has settled in well. Each day is structured to provide activities both on and off the site, encompassing a variety of workshops, social activities and outings. Living at Glasallt Fawr allows Mathew to continue to develop independence and the staff are open to tailoring his timetable to suit his particular interests and needs.

Mr & Mrs Burden